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Frequently asked questions

Will we be seated together?
All seating is automatically pre-assigned at the time of booking, and all passengers in a reservation are seated together as a group. If you wish to be seated with another party that has already made a booking, you must let us know their reservation number when you make your booking and we will do our best to try and seat you near each other.
I didn't receive my confirmation email. What do I do?
Confirmations are automatically sent to the email address you entered when making your booking.  Depending on your personal email security settings or that of your service provider, your confirmation email may have arrived in your Junk/Spam/Bulk folder or be blocked, especially if using a service such as Hotmail or Gmail.  Also check that you entered your email address correctly.

You can also view and print the same information that is contained in your email confirmation using the "View My Booking" button on the main page.

How long is the tour? How far do we travel?
Most tours boarding in Orangeville are a little over 3 hours in duration. The tour travels about 74km. All tours are round-trip, returning to the point of departure unless otherwise noted in the tour description.
What is considered appropriate attire?
For Dinner or Sunday Brunch tours, appropriate attire is business-casual; we do not recommend T-shirts, jeans, shorts or sneakers.  Mid-day scenic tours are more relaxed, and casual attire is acceptable. Sensible footwear is strongly recommended due to uneven ground at some boarding areas.
Is gratuity included in the fare?
Your fare does not include gratuity for the food portion of your tour or for beverages purchased on the train. Any outstanding service provided by your onboard attendant should be recognized as you would at any restaurant.
What route does the tour take?
Tours travel along a route that was completed in 1879, known as the Credit Valley Railway. The rail line travels from north of Orangeville, south through the Hills of Headwaters region, through the Caledon Hills and the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, then through the Peel Plains region to Brampton and on to Streetsville in Mississauga. Tours travel over a portion of this rail line departing from Orangeville, operating over tracks belonging to the Orangeville Brampton Railway, who's freight service connects Orangeville and Brampton with the Canadian Pacific Railway main line in Streetsville and from there to the North American rail network. All tours are round-trip, returning to the point of departure unless otherwise noted in the tour description.
What speed does the train travel?
An advantage of our tour train is that we are able to slow down at the most scenic areas to offer you the best viewing opportunities. Our average speed will be under 30 mph or 50kph, making it a true travel experience.
What is included with my fare?
Your trip on the Credit Valley Explorer includes at-seat meal service (as selected) and complimentary refreshments served by onboard attendants, interpretive commentary, souvenir route guide, and pre-assigned seating.
Are children welcome on the train?
Children are welcome on the train, however the tour duration may be a little long for younger children to remain seated.
Can I bring my pet?
Pets are not permitted aboard the train.
Is the train wheelchair accessible?
Handicapped access is limited due to the steep stairs and narrow aisleways aboard the coaches, and uneven ground at some boarding locations. The tour is not recommended for mobility-impaired persons at this time.
Are you able to handle special group requests?
Customized itineraries can be arranged for special interest charter tours ranging from 56-128 passengers. Group bookings are available for organized tour groups of 25 or more passengers on most scheduled tours. Please contact us for further details on group and charter tours.
Are there special fares for seniors?
All of our adult fares are applicable to all individuals 13 years old and above.
Can we board in Brampton?
Regularly scheduled tours do not depart from this location at this time.
Where do the tours depart from?
Unless otherwise indicated in a tour description, all tours are round-trip and depart from Orangeville, Ontario.
Is food available aboard the train?
Most tours include snack or meal service with selections made at the time of booking, including vegetarian (non-meat) and gluten-free options on lunch tours. Complimentary non-alcoholic refreshments are included on all tours, and bar service is available to all passengers with meal service. Ontario liquor laws prohibit carrying or consuming personal alcohol aboard the train.
Are special meal selections available?
Most mid-day scenic tours offer a vegetarian (non-meat), gluten-free, and diabetic meal options. Meal selections vary by tour type and date, and are indicated during the reservation process. Due to space and catering equipment limitations aboard the train, we are able to offer a fixed menu only.
Is there a smoking section on the train?
Federal regulations prohibit smoking onboard the train at any time. The train normally makes a rest stop about half-way through the tour where passengers may disembark if they wish to smoke.
How do I make reservations for the tour?
Reservations may be made securely on-line on this web site or by phone
at 1-888-346-0046. Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payment of reservations.

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